September Girls – Ships

September 17, 2013

September Girls’ latest, “Ships”, is deceptively low-fi. At first listen the sound is smudged, swampy and noisy, the Dublin quintet coming across as something like garage-y dreampop. But the rolling churn of “Ships” is articulated and metrical, calling to mind the spectral precision of Joy Division. The thundering pulse of drums and bass, brought to the fore of the mix, give the song a booster rocket; the submerged vocals paint a numbed-out mood of desolation and despair. It’s a heavy emotional assault, both blistering and somber. I understood none of the words except, I think, “Ships lost at sea/Take the pills/And

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swallow”. That’s probably by design. In a song as simple and magnificent as this—blue, bruising, beautiful—a little goes a long way.


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