The Can’t Tells – No Television

September 19, 2013

“No Television” is The Can’t Tells’ spiky break-up letter to America’s most beloved appliance. This three-minute blast of hooks, a promising preview of the Brooklyn trio’s debut album of the same name, due October 22, surges on the wired energy of guitar-laden power-pop without indulging in its cloying slickness. There’s cleverness, but it’s understated. The Can’t Tells brilliantly fuzz-up an otherwise straightforward rocker with off-kilter vocal phrasing that smuggles in a dose of irony. Though Mike DiSanto’s voice drips with surly self-righteous attitude, in the end he comes off as slightly queasy and unconvincing. Alternating between murmurs and yelps, talking and singing, his anti-TV rant starts to sound as shaky as a junky trying to talk himself straight: TV’s a drug, and if you listen carefully his addiction’s not going anywhere. A fitting metaphor for this colorful bull-rush of adrenalized cool.


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