Willis Beal Earl – Wavering Lines

September 25, 2013

Willis Beal Earl is an enigma. His debut “no-fi,” static-filled album Acousmatic Sorcery was probably something the world wasn’t quite ready for. So Beal turned it down a notch. Not much, but just enough to get the level headed people listening. Nobody Knows is a much more cohesive, understandable album. Just take “Wavering Lines,” the opener. It beings with a smooth, soft acapella ballad that could very well be a lullaby sung by mothers to their babies in their cribs. It’s beautiful and needs no instrumentation for it to shine. This is the Willis Beal Earl I like to listen to. The one that is vulnerable and alone. If you want more of that, check out “Ain’t Got No Love.” But for something more accessible, Beal surely comes through as well.


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