Adventure Club – Wonder (feat. The Kite String Tangle)

October 24, 2013

This blog isn’t generally one to post songs from heavy electronic acts like Adventure Club. While I consider them to be some of the best in the business at what they do, I haven’t seen this Montreal based duo venture too much into the “chiller” realm of electronic music – until now that is. I noticed a change of pace with the release of “Gold” a few weeks ago, and they’ve since followed that up with their brand new EP Calling All Heroes Part 1. When I heard there was a track featuring the exciting new Australian project The Kite String Tangle, I figured these two exceptional acts would no doubt produce something special. “Wonder” is a special track indeed, complementing the unique talents of both artists perfectly. Here’s to selfishly hoping that Adventure Club continues on this mellower track for at least the near future.


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