HAERTS – Hemiplegia

October 17, 2013

Exactly a year ago, to this day, we wrote about one of the best

tracks of 2012, “Wings“. Nini Fabi’s voice soared (pun intended) throughout the duration of that song. Simply put, it was impressive. “All The Days” was a nice follow up, but it definitely lacked the luster that “Wings” provided. Luckily, we have gotten back on track. “No you can’t move up with your eyes down,” exclaims Fabi in the title track from their newest EP, “Hemiplegia.” HAERTS is at a fragile point in their career. It is the point that makes or break a band, their first release. Do they catch, or do they fall until the tidal wave of millions of other one hit wonder bands. Here is a band though that is truly not looking down. HAERTS will make it because they are giving the world all they got. This is not just pop.


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