Jensen Sportag – After Gardens

November 14, 2013

I’m having trouble counting how many different instruments and use of synthesizers are on display in Jensen Sportag’s “After Gardens.” There’s a sort of cluttered beauty to this track where all the sounds ultimately come together to form an ethereal whole. Not to mention the dreamy, trancelike vocals, this R&B jammer has all the right elements to be a Lower Frequencies favorite. I had been aware of Jensen Sportag for some time now, but for one reason or another never dabbled into their work. Well it’s better late than never for us to jump on the Sportag bandwagon. Their debut LP Stealth of Days is packed with intricate, soulful jams such as this that we’ve been gushing over all week. So jump on board and see why we’re digging so hard on this Nashville, TN duo.


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