Futurecop! – Believe In Me (Feat. Tom Schleiter)

December 13, 2013

The long awaited Futurecop! album Hopes, Dreams, & Alienation is out today! As a diehard fan of the dreamwave genre, I for one couldn’t be more excited. Futurecop! was the first group to introduce me to this emerging style of music and for that I am forever indebted to this London duo. Now for those who aren’t familiar with what dreamwave means, it’s pretty much a fancy way of describing nostalgic synth sounds circa 1980. Nostalgia is the key word here (think John Hughes films). Futurecop! is trying to relive these simpler times through the only means they know how – music. So if you’re looking to dance to a sweet bite of the past, then be sure to check out this exciting new release.


Buy it on iTunes here