Goofy Foot – Brain & Brawn

December 31, 2013

It appears I’ve got myself a new weekend anthem with Goofy Foot’s “Brain & Brawn.” It’s a track

about getting paid little to work your ass off and essentially being quite pissed off about it. While I can’t completely relate to Goofy Foot’s sentiments, this song does seem like the perfect jam to send me out of work after a long week. Goofy Foot is the moniker for San Diego based electro/blues/rock producer Spencer Jarrad. I included all those different genres because I honestly have no idea how to classify this guy’s work. If you listen to the new EP, you’ll see it ranges from heavy blues (such as this track) to straight up synth-based electro pop. Whatever be the case, I am a big fan of this promising new act and cannot wait to see what he plans to premier in 2014.