Mighty Mouse – In Front of our Friends (feat. Monarchy)

December 12, 2013

Falling in love with a song isn’t that different from meeting a love interest for the first time. They both give you that euphoric, giddy feeling that near anything is possible. Mighty Mouse has achieved such a feat with his new single “In Front of Our Friends”. Now we don’t generally post disco house tracks to this blog, but perhaps you’ll understand why we’re making an exception after giving it a full listen. Some might be dissuaded by the opening housey beat thinking it’s just another one of “those” tracks, but by the time the bassline drops and the chorus rolls around, you should be fully engrossed in this incredible jam. Mighty Mouse is already a pretty big name in the disco house scene, but this London producer will soon reach even greater heights if he keeps creating songs of this caliber.


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