Beck – Blue Moon

January 20, 2014

Not that you would know it by the music I post here, but my two all-time favorite artists are Beck and Nine Inch Nails. As Trent Reznor came through for me last year with NIN’s first record in 5 years, Beck is now getting set to release his eleventh studio album (the first since 2008) titled Morning Phase. I will spare the details on how utterly excited I am, especially since it’s been described as most similar to Beck’s 2002 masterpiece Sea Change (even the album covers are similar). As a musician and producer, there is no one in the business more versatile than Beck Hansen. Only he would be capable of making an album as quirky and outlandish as Midnight Vultures and then follow that up with one of such heartfelt conviction like Sea Change. The first new single “Blue Moon” is something of a country-folk ballad that’s got a surprisingly uplifting spirit to it. While it might seem lighthearted on the surface, if you pay close attention to the dreary, lonesome lyrics then all the previous Sea Change comparisons make a little more sense. Morning Phase is set to be released February 25th on Beck’s new label Capitol Records.


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