Cymbals – This City

January 31, 2014

Perhaps the most complete album I’ve heard so far early on this year is Cymbals’ The Age of Fracture. They weren’t really on my radar at all until they came out with a few great singles last year like “The Natural World” and The End” (both of which are featured on the album). I want to classify this London four-piece as something of a synth dance-pop act, but their grooves and melodies are so intricate (and often bizarre) that I think it does them an injustice to put a single label on their sound. With tracks like “This City”, for instance, their versatility is put on display as they transition to a chiller, more sincere realm of the dream pop genre. So here’s a big props to Cymbals for coming through for me during a somewhat otherwise disappointing week in album releases.


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