Dan Casey – Empty City

January 9, 2014

We haven’t featured a good folk song in a little while so we figure it’s a great time to introduce you to Berkeley-based singer/songwriter Dan Casey. As a plain folk artist this guy is already good enough, but what really blew me away was learning that he’s behind the electro pop outfit Yalls as well. The contrast in sounds from Yalls to his solo efforts are as drastic as they come – a testament to Casey’s versatility as a musician. “Empty City” is the opening track on his debut LP of the same name and I’d say it falls along the lines of a mellow Beck track. But this song is all about the minimalistic, yet entrancing guitar melody that’s bound to get an emotion or two stirring. Whether it be with Yalls, as a solo artist, or a completely new endeavor, we can’t wait to hear what this young talent comes up with next.


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