Dogbite – Wonder Dark

January 23, 2014

Atlanta’s Dogbite have been busy as of late. While 2013 marked the beginning of this psych-pop trio with their debut LP, it seems that complacency is not a word these guys are familiar with. Soon thereafter they came out with their LA EP featuring wonderful tracks like “Hunting Seasons”. Additionally in that time they also managed to release another split EP with the likes of Toro y Moi. With that kind of year, you’d think they might take some time to sit back and soak in the glory, but not these guys. They’re already back with a solid sophomore LP titled Tranquilizers. Chill, hazy, guitar-laden tracks like “Wonder Dark” prove that there was no drop in quality in transitioning between albums – if anything just the opposite. At their current rate they will have another album out before April, but I’m content dabbling with their current catalogue until they are good and ready for some more fresh tunes.


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