Germany Germany – All of Your Love (feat. Kotomi)

January 3, 2014

2012 was an epic year of electronic discovery for me. Genres and sounds I never even knew I could appreciate were introduced via seemingly unknown acts from around

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the globe. Although no album had me more fully engrossed than synth mastermind Germany Germany’s Blank Mind Empty Heart. It’s fitting that since I discovered this guy through Bandcamp, it turns out he works as a software engineer there when he’s not producing incredible electro melodies. Well Drew Harris, the man behind the moniker, is back at it with his third LP titled Reconnect out just a couple days ago. It’s nearly impossible to live up to an album as epic as BMEH, but he’s put forth another exceptional effort with this stylistic, yet noticeably more pop-oriented LP. Seeing as our first posted track of the new year is a Loved track, I’d say we’re off to an epic start to 2014.


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