The Chain Gang of 1974 – Death Metal Punk

January 29, 2014

Pretty much every emerging band that was featured on the new GTA soundtrack has experienced some form of commercial success since its release. But perhaps the artist that has made the most from that opportunity is L.A.’s The Chain Gang of 1974. The hit single “Sleepwalking” has since transcended beyond the fictional city of Los Santos to actual radio stations in L.A. and around the country. The track is also featured on Kamtin Mohager AKA The Chain Gang of 1974’s sophomore LP Daydream Forever out next week. He’s got quite the distinct sound resembling that of 90’s electro alt-pop tunes, but at the same time maintaining a modern edge to his work. My personal favorite off the LP would have to be “Death Metal Punk”. It’s one of those dreamy, builder-type tracks that gets pretty heavy at its most climactic points. If you can appreciate the emotion-inducing synth rock in this track then the whole LP is worth more than a couple listens.


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