Beck – Morning

February 25, 2014

Two of my favorite albums ever are The Notwist’s Neon Golden and Beck’s Sea Change. Coincidentally, they have both put out new albums today, both spanning years between their last LP. Now if you haven’t heard one or both of those albums, I really couldn’t emphasize them more. However there’s a fundamental difference that separates these two artists, and that is one of consistency. On the one hand there’s The Notwist who haven’t put out more than one solid record (in my opinion) since Neon Golden. And then of course there’s Beck who has literally never put out an album short of exceptional. Now out of 12 LP’s that might sound a bit outlandish, but he’s one of the few musicians that I hold in such high regard. The same is to be said about his newest album Morning Phase. I like to think of it as Sea Change‘s countrified younger brother, but at the same time it’s an album good enough that it deserves to be judged as its own separate entity. “Morning” is the first true track off the LP, and to say it’s reminiscent of Sea Change‘s opener “The Golden Age” is an understatement (the intros

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are almost identical). So on what I consider to be the biggest album release day of the year, I’m quite relieved to know Beck has once again come through for me with his twelfth great album.


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