Bombay Bicycle Club – Home By Now

February 7, 2014

It’s safe to say Bombay Bicycle Club are one of UK’s premier indie rock bands. If you’re like me then you caught onto their amazing sound with 2011’s masterful A Different Kind of Mix LP. Well they’re just getting off the release of their fourth record titled So Long, See You Tomorrow and it’s definitely one of the better albums I’ve heard early on this year. Not that I expected anything less from this extremely talented four-piece, but after hearing the first single “Carry Me” a few months back it was apparent a special album was in the works. After getting through it a couple times now, the track that most stands out is the graceful and touching “Home By Now”. I’m not as used to hearing such a moving tune from BBC, but they pull it off in chilling fashion with some nice vocal harmonies and a cool synthed-out keyboard melody. It’s been a pretty big week in album releases, but I plan to reserve some special time to fully grasp everything going on in this exceptional effort from Bombay Bicycle Club.


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