Gardens & Villa – Purple Mesas

February 4, 2014

Those who know me in my personal life are aware I’ve got a tendency to claim a new band as my favorite on a near-daily basis. I like to attribute that to 1. sheer enthusiasm and 2. the fact that I’m listening to hundreds of new tracks a day. One of the bands that started this trend was Gardens & Villa back in 2011 with their debut self-titled LP. If you haven’t heard it, I think it’s an absolutely incredible album. They are finally back approximately 3 years later with a follow up Dunes LP that’s amongst my most anticipated on the year. After just getting through it for the first time, I can’t say it’s had the same effect as the debut did years earlier, but I plan on holding off judgments until it’s gotten at least a few more spins. With that being said, there are still tracks like “Purple Mesas” that immediately draw me in with such a mesmerizingly beautiful chorus. Gardens & Villa have got February started on the right note with Dunes, but now my attention turns to the end of the month for Beck’s much awaited twelfth studio album Morning Phase.


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