Wild Beasts – Palace

February 27, 2014

I cannot emphasize enough my love for Wild Beasts. They are the type of band that’s not willing to put out a record that’s anything but top notch. And as if there was any question, that’s exactly how their fourth LP Present Tense turned out. Amongst the big three released this week (Beck, St. Vincent, Wild Beasts), it’s between Beck and Wild Beasts as to which takes the cake. But I’m not here to rank newly released albums. Today my goal is to simply turn your attention to one of the most talented collectives of musicians in the business. And with that I’ll share one of my favorites off the album, “Palace”. If you’re familiar with their previous LP Smother, you’re aware that it ranges from more upbeat, playful tracks like “Reach A Bit Further” to the mellow, but powerful emotional drainers like “Burning”. “Palace” definitely falls in the range of the former, but you’ll notice that even Wild Beasts’ more lighthearted tracks can hit you pretty deep if you’re willing to allow it.


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