Akkilles – Pale

March 27, 2014

Akkilles “Pale” is one of those tracks that can have a strong impact on you if you’re willing to let it. But the typical casual listen isn’t going to cut it for this one. I presume the folks that this track hits the hardest are the ones that allow themselves a certain degree of vulnerability when they listen. This brand of self-described “downer pop” seems like a relatively fresh take on a combination of a bunch of different genres. Sometimes I hear lo-fi folk elements from acts like Wickerbird, and other times there’s traces of groups like The Radio Dept. who can pull off some deeply intimate tunes when they want to. But whatever “Pale” tends to remind you of, there’s a glaring sense of originality to Akkilles, aka David Bennett’s work. We’re excited to hear more upcoming tunes from Akkilles as more folks continue to discover his entrancingly gorgeous sound.


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