Arrange – Alumni (w/ Ricky Eat Acid)

March 10, 2014

Arrange, along with Ricky Eat Acid, are two artists I have just picked up on since the start of the new year. They have both put out new albums within the last couple months, both of which I’ve been enjoying quite thoroughly. Arrange’s might be a bit more accessible to the casual listener, but both can be characterized by featuring a sort of ambient minimalism to them. But after hearing a track as amazing as “Alumni”, it’s obvious these two are at their absolute best when collaborating together.

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Now I’ll preface by saying you’ve got to be patient with this track. It wasn’t until the second and third time around that I was able to fully acknowledge this song’s greatness. But as you’ll see it’s just one of those tracks that when it clicks, it really clicks, sticking with you long after the fact. I’m definitely grateful to have come across these two exceptional emerging talents, and I’m going to remain hopeful that there will be more collabos between Arrange and Ricky Eat Acid in the coming future.


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