Lowell – Palm Trees

March 3, 2014

Spring is just around the corner, but there’s at least a couple more months before I plan to break out all those tropical jams that suit the season so well. Lowell’s “Palm Trees”, as it is sort of implied in the name, is definitely one of those tracks that’s best sounding in the warmer weather climates. However, I’m making an exception in playing this one early because it’s just so damn catchy. 22 year old Toronto-based singer/songwriter Lowell is still relatively new to the industry, but that hasn’t stopped her from making quite the name for herself with the release of her debut EP I Killed Sara V. Her album seamlessly blends between dreampop and rock, a combination that not enough artists tend to venture into. I can’t wait to hear where else she plans to take her sound in what’s turning out to be a huge 2014 for Lowell.


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