Mr. Little Jeans – Mercy

March 25, 2014

Mr. Little Jeans came on to the music scene with a bang in 2011. If you listened to Sirius XMU radio back then, you might recall hearing her cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” being played pretty much every other track. And while it’s a great cover, this ultimately resulted in the ever-so-common track overkill that XMU is notorious for. Still, I made a specific mental note to keep an eye out for London-based singer/songwriter Monica Birkenes. And while it took quite some time, her debut Pocketknife LP is finally out today. It’s a pretty wonderful collection of electro pop tunes with perhaps none more beautiful and entrancing than “Mercy”. It’s got an almost shoegazey feel to it as Birkenes masterfully blends elements of pop, rock, electro into an ethereal whole. While she’s already past the point of emerging, this fantastic new album establishes Mr. Little Jeans as one of the premier synth pop acts of 2014.


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