Rain Dog – Regolith

March 21, 2014

Rain Dog’s debut LP Two Worlds is just the kind of abstract electronic I’ve been in need of lately. It’s not abstract in the sense that it’s hard to listen to, but rather it’s the refreshing sense of originality applied to each one of his tracks that really stands out. If I was pressed to list an artist as a comparison, I’d go with someone along the lines of a Sun Glitters type of act, but this kind of unique effort is enough for Two Worlds to stand on its own right. Substantially beautiful songs like “Regolith” show off Rain Dog’s knack at creating intricate, sample-heavy jams to swirling, ambient soundscapes. I’m just on the surface of fully understanding and appreciating this record, but I’ve heard more than enough to conclude that Rain Dog has quite the promising career ahead of him.


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