Until The Ribbon Breaks – A Taste of Silver

March 31, 2014

I couldn’t have been more let down with The Black Keys newest single “Fever” that premiered last week. I’m all for bands evolving their sound, but at some point you’ve got to stick with what works, and it seems pretty obvious that this former blues-rock duo have bought into the commercialist ideals surrounding mainstream pop music nowadays. But that’s enough press for a band that’s currently in my dog house. Here to restore my faith that the blues genre is alive and well is UK-based producer Until The Ribbon Breaks. This guy’s new EP has been on repeat here at LF studios all week – and for good reason. What I had once thought of as a talented up and coming RnB act has demonstrated his extreme versatility on this killer new record. His rugged, electro-blues sound in tracks like “A Taste of Silver” is as refreshing as any song I’ve heard all year. But what’s most impressive about the man behind UTRB, Pete Lawrie Winfield, is how he can so seamlessly transition from his last EP of such deep, intimate RnB jams to what we’re hearing today. This guy is truly a superstar in the making, it’s just a matter of people catching on to his sound before things really take off for Until The Ribbon Breaks.


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