Work Drugs – Zeros and Ones

March 6, 2014

Since the release of their debut LP Summer Blood, to say Work Drugs have been busy would be an understatement. They are one of the few (if only) bands I can recall that are capable of putting out so many quality albums within such a short period of time. Since 2011 they’ve put out a whopping 6 LPs, with their most recent record Insurgents released earlier this week. If you work your way up from the beginning of their catalog until now, you’ll notice a subtle shift towards more of an electronic realm of pop music. That’s a dangerous move for some bands, but Work Drugs seem to pull it off rather seamlessly. I’m fortunate enough to be seeing them in a month, and I have to imagine tracks like “Zeros and Ones” are going to sound pretty epic on the big stage. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more new Work Drugs’ tunes before the year’s end, but their-already deep and expansive catalog is more than enough to tie me over until then.


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