Boy In A Movie – Change You

April 3, 2014

You’d think my biggest music discovery day would tend to fall on Tuesdays, but that seems to never be the case. Perhaps I’ve got a bias for the underdog, but the general theme for this year seems to involve the big names falling short while the lesser known acts step into the spotlight. Acts like Boy In A Movie whom I discovered only a few hours ago has been blowing me away all morning with his debut Feel EP. This London producer seems intent on blending an array of different genres and sounds together, but what he forms is one of the more complete EPs I’ve got my hands on this year. “Change You” is the kind of track that’s filled with a sort of unconditional positivity. The kind of song you come back to when nothing else seems to lighten your mood. If you’re reading this blog daily then you’re probably aware that I tend to hype up every act I come across, but in cases like Boy In A Movie all you’ve really got to do is press play to see for yourself why I’m so high on this emerging talent.


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