Neon Motive – In Truth

April 24, 2014

I discovered Neon Motive after hearing their new “In Truth” track featured in a Robert Mondavi wine commercial the other week. After the third or fourth time witnessing it, I took to Google to figure out who exactly this mystery artist was. What I learned was that this track was actually made specifically for the commercial, which you can check out here. It only features a small portion of the song, but it’s more than enough to spark your interest. And the full track doesn’t disappoint either as its lush soundscapes and gorgeous chopped vocal harmonies leave me wondering where this Canadian electro act as been all my life. Using this commercial as somewhat of an entry point, it seems Neon Motive is off to quite the solid start. And if they continue to produce tracks as great as “In Truth”, I forsee them making a name for themselves in the near future.


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