Novo Amor – Cold

April 2, 2014

Like Dustin Tebbutt featured last week, Novo Amor is another one of those melancholy, falsetto-driven acts that I have to assume Bon Iver had at least a partial influence on. Perhaps in a few more years I might make the case that this sect of the folk genre has become congested, but as of now I can still very much appreciate Novo Amor’s fresh take on what’s become an increasingly familiar sound. He first made his appearance with a few lovely singles in 2012, but people really began to take notice with his “From Gold” single a year or so back. We’re glad to see he’s back at it again with his second, four-track EP and in my opinion his best work yet. My personal favorite, “Cold”, is anything but as its warm and uplifting spirit becomes most evident during its grand climax. If this excellent EP is any indication, we might be lucky enough to see a debut LP sometime this year from this star in the making.


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