Chromeo – Old 45’s

May 13, 2014

It’s taken Chromeo a good decade to reach the superstar status that they’re at today. Maybe people weren’t ready for their guitar-based disco funk sound until now, but whatever the reason it’s good to see them getting some well-deserved international acclaim. With singles as epic as “Come Alive” and “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”, the hype behind their new album White Women is justified even if it might not fully live up to it. Still, there’s one track in particular that stood out among the rest as something quite special. “Old 45’s”, like many of Chromeo’s tracks, manages to maintain a degree of sincerity while still providing that superficial pop sound we know and love from them. It’s one of those tracks that, by the time the chorus rolls around, you know you’ve got an instant classic on your hands. So while I might not love every track on the new record, tunes as great as “Old 45’s” are one’s I’ll be coming back to often as we make our way into the warmer weather months.


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