Dawn Golden – Discoloration

May 14, 2014

After getting a glimpse at Dawn Golden’s first single “All I Want” a couple months back, I knew his debut LP would be something special. After finally delving through it yesterday, I’m happy and somewhat relieved to see that it, unlike many other records I’ve heard this year, actually lives up to my high expectations. My personal favorite track, “Discoloration”, starts the album off on a wonderful, if not a somewhat melancholy note. Specifically what catches me on this track is the fine vocal work. It’s the way Dawn, aka Dexter Tortoriello (also of Houses), sings along with his high pitched parallel self that adds a nice additional element to the lush, ethereal soundscapes featured in “Discoloration”. I look forward to hearing a lot more about Dawn Golden and his new record Still Life as his sound reaches unsuspecting future fans across the globe.


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