Doe Paoro – Nostalgia

May 5, 2014

Doe Paoro’s new track “Nostalgia” isn’t going to blow you away with its intricate grooves or melodies, but the beauty of this song is that it doesn’t have to. After hearing her new Ink On The Walls EP, I think it’s a fair assessment to say that this Brooklyn singer/songwriter definitely shifted her sound a bit from her previous record. I had known Doe Paoro, as most did, for her soulful, RnB type jams like the one that really got her name out there, “Born Whole”. But on this new record she’s added an entirely new and most welcome synth pop element to her repertoire. That kind of change tends to backfire a bit for some artists, but Doe pulls it off like it’s a kind of second nature. Check out what I mean on gorgeous anti-ballads like “Nostalgia” where sometimes it’s better to let go of the past than let it hold you back from living in the present.


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