Melanie Martinez – Dead To Me

May 30, 2014

When I first heard Melanie Martinez, I figured I was listening to another up-and-coming synth pop act similar to the likes of Lorde when she first started out. But what I soon learned through her Facebook page was that she’s already got quite the massive and well established fanbase. That might partially be because of her 2012 appearance on the TV show The Voice, and I think it’s fair to assume she’s the best thing to ever come out of that series. Well she’s out now with her debut Dollhouse EP and it’s one that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying throughout the week. Perhaps no track moreso than “Dead To Me”, a soulful RnB jam that’s highlighted by some nice production and the obviously fantastic vocals of Martinez. And while she’s already a bigger name than I had realized, she’s got the kind of universally appreciated sound that could soon turn her into the next international pop sensation.


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