The Trouble With Templeton – Glue

May 16, 2014

One of my favorite new records on the year has to come from Australia’s The Trouble With Templeton. I recall listening to the track “Six Months In A Cast” a couple years ago on Spotify, but after it suddenly vanished I almost forgot all about this intriguing one-man folk rock act. That is until I excitedly saw his sophomore record Rookie appear in my new releases section this week. You’ll find that track along with 11 other fantastic tunes on this new LP which I’d definitely recommend giving at least a few listens to fully grasp. It was the second time through the record that I was able to really appreciate tracks as special as “Glue” that overwhelm you with a euphoric guitar melody and some nice vocal harmonies. So if you’ve got some extra time this weekend kick back and engulf yourself in a record that’s sure to wind up on some “Best Of” lists by the year’s end.


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