20syl – Seven Eleven (feat. Ibrahim Maalouf)

June 18, 2014

Well it appears I’ve got a new favorite EP on the year. I had heard a bit about 20syl in the previous months browsing Hypem and other blogs, but for one reason or another had yet to delve into his work. After getting through his absolutely spectacular EP for the first time this morning, the only thing I’m left wondering is where this gifted electronic producer has been my whole life. He’s got such a precise and intricate sound without coming off as too unoriginal or over-processed. Sure there are acts I am willing to compare his sound to like that of Alizzz or Lindsay Lowend, and while those two are wonderful artists in their own rights, 20syl has taken things to the next level with his debut Motifs EP. Now if you’re aware of his involvement with the French supergroup C2C, then his breathtaking sound might not come as a complete surprise, but I don’t know if anyone could have predicted his debut effort would be this good. See what I mean with tracks as epic as “Seven Eleven” where the C2C turntable influence is perhaps most apparent.


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