Blackbird Blackbird – Feel It In My Bones

June 5, 2014

Perhaps the most consistent electronic producer over the last four or so years has been Blackbird Blackbird. His 2010 debut Summer Heart was one of the first records to get the chillwave genre in motion, and if you haven’t heard it yet I really couldn’t emphasize it enough. He’s back this week with his third LP titled Tangerine Sky that I am really starting to get a feel for on my second go-around. While almost all 12 tracks bring something fresh to the table, the one I seem to keep coming back to is “Feel It In My Bones”. It starts out with a nice arpeggiated synth groove, but it really gets going when that dreamy guitar melody kicks in to compliment it — and I especially love the shift back to the bass line around 2:40 that adds a whole nother element to this already gorgeous track. So while Blackbird Blackbird has already cemented himself as one of my favorite electronic acts, it’s great to see him continue to push the boundaries of his work with a record as exceptional as Tangerine Sky.


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