Tiny Victories – Drinking With Your Ghost

June 10, 2014

Within this week’s releases comes a debut record I’ve been waiting for for quite some time. Tiny Victories won me over in grand fashion with their 2012 debut EP Those Of Us Still Alive, but after playing that to the point of exhaustion, I began wondering when the debut LP from this Brooklyn synth pop act would finally emerge. Well the long wait is over this week and I couldn’t be more pleased after getting my hands on their brand new record, Haunts. It starts off with a bang with tracks like our featured one “Drinking With Your Ghost”, which proves that power pop with substance is still very much alive and well. Up until this point Tiny Victories have been more of a “flying under the radar” type of band, but I think that’s all bound to change as people make their way toward this very solid debut effort from a still very much new and intriguing act.


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