Tomas Barfod – Aftermath (feat. Nina K)

June 12, 2014

Tomas Barfod‘s debut LP was undoubtedly one of my favorite records from 2012. Tracks like “Broken Glass” and “November Skies” cemented this electro producer early on as one of my favorite up and coming acts. And after giving us a nice introduction with an EP earlier this year, he’s finally out with his much awaited sophomore record, Love Me. It features a whole lot of the talented vocalist Nina K, whose voice compliments Barfod’s beautiful melodies perfectly. Such is the case with tracks like “Aftermath”, where the swirling orchestrated synths and droning bass offer enough to lose yourself for the entire 5:18. And during a slightly lackluster week of album releases, I’m even more grateful for acts like Tomas Barfod whose fantastic new record is bound to gain him plenty of newfound attention from electro pop fans across the globe.


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