Yuko Yuko – Borderline

June 20, 2014

I’m a fan of any kind of nostalgic pop sound whether it comes in the purely electronic form or follows more by the lo-fi, psych-pop model. In the case of Yuko Yuko we are dealing with a bit of both elements, but more so the latter if I had to choose between the two. This Dutch act first began making beats on his iPad just a few years ago, and from then to now we find him coming off the release of his sophomore LP, Babes. One of the tracks that immediately drew me in was undoubtedly “Borederline”, highlighted by its catchy guitar hooks and some strangely compelling lyrics. There’s definitely a place for acts like Yuko Yuko to emerge in the indie music scene, and with tracks as awesome as this one it shouldn’t take too long to establish himself a dedicated fan base.


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