Andy Bull – Loved Like You

July 11, 2014

Ever since hearing his captivatingly catchy tune “Keep On Running” last year, I had been keeping an eye out for Andy Bull’s much anticipated sophomore record Sea Of Approval. After getting through it this morning, I’d first like point out what a complete work it is. Most records nowadays have at least a couple of those “filler” or downtime moments, but not this one. Each track seems to progressively flow and build off the last without ever experiencing that drop in quality we’ve come to expect from artists lately. Out of all the exceptional tracks, though, “Loved Like You” had me hooked as soon as that mesmerizing chorus kicked in. You can call it RnB, you can call it dramatic electro pop, but however you label it this is sure to go down as one of my favorite new jams (and records) of the year. So if you’ve yet to jump on the Andy Bull bangwagon, now’s the perfect time to check out this Aussie’s fantastic sophomore effort and see what all the hype’s about.


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