Arcade High – Heat Wave (feat. Morissa Trunzo)

July 9, 2014

I was first introduced to the “dreamwave” genre a few years back by the UK duo Futurecop!. It can slightly range in sound depending on what synths you use, but the general idea behind it is to pay homage to 80’s music and pop culture.

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Nowadays you’ll find plenty of these artists attempting to recreate their ideal retro-based sound, but the one in particular I’d like to share today is Pittsburgh’s Arcade High. He’s out this week with his new Heat Wave EP, a follow up to last year’s debut record Pixel Passion. One of my favorites off the EP is the title track “Heat Wave” featuring the lovely Morissa Trunzo. Once you delve into it you’ll immediately see what I mean when I say it’s got that nostalgic, dreamy synth sound that defines the genre so well – but at its core this is simply a great pop track regardless of genre. And it’s easy to see that Arcade High, aka Ryan Boosel, has made some nice progress from his last record to this one. I’m looking forward to seeing this sound catch on to more mainstream audiences as folks take note of talented synthwave acts like this one.


Buy it on iTunes here