Fink – Too Late

July 17, 2014

The story behind Fin Greenall’s ultimate emergence as Fink is an interesting one. I can’t say I know of too many artists who’ve made the transition from electronic producer to folk rock act, but Fink is one of the few talented and versatile acts that’s been capable of pulling it off. I don’t want to disclude an artist like Beck, though, who went from the outrageously bizarre Midnight Vultures to the elegantly heartbreaking folk record Sea Change in just a couple years’ time. But back on the subject of our featured artist, Fink’s back in the spotlight this week with his sixth LP since 2000 titled Hard Believer. The first thing I’ll acknowledge is that this record is a bit more difficult to grasp than his previous efforts. Perfect Darkness, for instance, is an album in which you can realize it’s greatness the first time around. Hard Believer, while still a good record, is a much more of an acquired taste than previous Fink works. But still, once fantastic tracks like “Too Late” really click, you come to realize Fink’s full vision for this new record – and it’s definitely a grand one. So while you’re catching up with all the great new albums out the past few weeks, be sure to include Fink’s very solid new LP as well — especially if you’re in the mood to hear some mellow folk rock with real substance.


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