Helfer – Now That You Came

July 21, 2014

Helfer is moniker for Noam Helfer, Israeli producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. On his debut record Air Drops, he creates an ethereal, often trippy landscape of melodies and beats that are as catchy as they are captivating. It might partially be ingrained his vocals, but there’s a lot here that reminds me of alt-J. And after being seriously let down with their most recent singles, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the emergence of an act like Helfer to help ease the pain. There’s still plenty of room in this realm of experimental, abstract electro-folk pop to make a name for yourself, and it seems Helfer has all the right tools to get his foot in the door. Check out exceptional tracks like “Now That You Came” to see what we mean when we say Helfer is definitely on the right track towards a promising career.


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