Rumpistol – Atacama

July 3, 2014

I was going to post LANY’s great new track “ILYSB” today, but I figured it’s good enough that it’ll be getting plenty of blog love this week. One record that probably hasn’t gotten the recognition it so much deserves, though, is Rumpistol’s exceptional new LP Away. It’s a complex collection of beats and sounds that’s taken me more than a few listens to wrap my head around. But once tracks as exhilarating as “Atacama” click, the payoff is well worth it. John Lamonica’s distinct vocals add a bit of a Radiohead feel to it, but it’s Rumpistol’s ability to create that abstract, chillstep vibe that first grabbed my attention. And if It doesn’t start out epic enough, it’s the way Rumpistol, aka Danish producer Jens Berents Christiansen closes this one out that makes it so impressive. And while he’s already an established producer across the pond, I’m hoping this new record will get Rumpistol the recognition he deserves for his obvious talents.


Buy it on Bandcamp here