Shiloh – Came Across

July 2, 2014

Shiloh is by far and away my favorite discovery of 2014 so far — and I figure that it goes without saying that their debut EP Venus Sway is my favorite record on the year as well. Very rarely do I see a band come out of the woodwork with a debut effort this impressive, but that’s exactly what little known UK duo Shiloh has pulled off. Entrenched somewhere between the electro pop and RnB genres, this record has something to offer for anyone that’s capable of acknowledging and appreciating music with substance. I had a hard time picking just one track as they each have their own unique appeal, but I decided on “Came Across” because it’s perhaps the most emotion-inducing of the batch. It’s inherently an RnB tune as vocalist JJ Draper makes a strong case for his vocal abilities, hitting those high notes with ease. And his producer counterpart Daktyl does a nice job at maintaining a sleek minimalistic approach instead of overrunning this lush anthem with those unnecessary sounds and effects we so often encounter these days. And with this incredible debut, Shiloh have cemented their place as one of the best new acts I’ve come across in a while — and one to keep a close eye on as more mainstream outlets take notice.


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