#1 Dads – Homeward Found

August 28, 2014

Yesterday was dedicated to the Melbourne electronic scene as we featured the emerging duo De̊ǰa, and today we are sticking with the same city, but shifting genres a bit as we discuss the folk rock solo endeavor of Tom Lansek, AKA #1 Dads. He’s back this week with his sophomore record About Face, the follow up to his very solid 2011 Man of Leisure debut. He’s also one half of the popular indie electro pop duo Big Scary, and considering both projects’ success it’s fair to assume he’s been rather busy the past few years. His new record has a bunch of post-worthy tracks, but the one that’s really stuck out for me so far is the closing song “Homeward Found”. It’s definitely what you’d call a slow jam as the soothing piano and guitar melodies flow together over Lansek’s nice vocal harmonies and a well-placed “woah!” sample. So if you’re in the mood for some low key tunes, be sure to check out #1 Dads new record which I consider to be one of the more complete folk rock works of the year.


Buy it on iTunes here