De̊ǰa – Sirens

August 27, 2014

Is it just me or does the Australian music scene seem to be ever-expanding lately? Hell, it seems like every other act we post about is coming out of there — and it’s not that we’ve got some strange obsession with Australia, that’s just where a lot of the talent seems to lie. Today’s case in point is Melbourne-based electronic duo De̊ǰa who is coming off their recently released sophomore EP Infinite Ecstatic. It features a bunch of sophisticated tracks like that of “Sirens” which seems to fluctuate between dream pop, deep house, and a the occasional touch of breakbeat, ultimately nestling itself somewhere in the middle. And while De̊ǰa continues work on expanding their brand in their native Australia, with tracks this awesome they are poised to make their way onto playlists and radio waves here in the states and across the globe in no time.


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