GEoRGiA – Hard Lie This

August 8, 2014

In terms of genre, I’m not exactly sure how to label this track. For the sake of this write up I’m going to call it experimental electro-pop, but this song really blends it all together. A little hip hop here and there, some subtle traces of lo-fi shoegaze at times, and throughout all the madness you barely get a second to catch your breath. After my first go around, the only thing I was certain of was that this track needed to be played again. Who is this GEoRGiA you might ask? Having previously dabbled with acts like Kwes and Kate Tempest, this London-based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist is no stranger to the music scene, but this might be her first attempt at going solo. And after getting through her far-out debut EP a couple of times, I’d say it was most definitely the right career move. The music industry is in need of more artists like GEoRGiA, pushing the limits of the pop genre with tracks as crazy-cool as “Hard Lie This” (think tUnE-yArDs). And with this strangely compelling debut, I can’t wait to see what this budding star will come up with next.


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