Imogen Heap – Me the Machine

August 14, 2014

Imogen Heap’s 2005 LP Speak For Yourself was an album way ahead of its time. It also helped to open my eyes toward another spectrum of pop that I might have previously neglected. From then to now I’ve made some serious strides in terms of refining my musical palette, but I think it’s fair to attribute a part of my musical evolution to that record. It’s also easy to appreciate Imogen as an artist. She’s not the type to put out an album a year just for the sake of selling records. On the contrary, she’s got more of a perfectionist’s mentality as we find her coming off the release of only her fourth record over a whopping 17 year career. Her newest single “Me the Machine” off her upcoming Sparks LP is perhaps my favorite release from her since those Speak For Yourself days. It’s got the same dreamy mystique I’m used to along with a touch of some new elements that demonstrates her maturity as an artist. So keep an eye out for the highly awaited Sparks (out next week) along with other exciting releases from acts like Bahamas and Roadkill Ghost Choir.


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