Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne

August 18, 2014

If you tend to keep a close eye on up and coming names in the indie pop scene, then you might have already caught on to Saint Pepsiā€™s emergence over the last year or so. The man behind the sound, Ryan DeRobertis, has already gotten some solid acclaim from mainstream blogs like GvB and Pitchfork, and for good reason. He’s an intriguing act that offers an element to his sound that most artists tend to neglect nowadays — diversity. For instance, if you compare his 2013 debut World Tour LP to more recent works like today’s “Fiona Coyne”, then you know what we mean when we say this guy doesn’t subscribe to just one sound or genre. What began as a downtempo, chilled-out “vaporwave” project has more recently transformed into the energetic, disco-pop sound like that featured in this infectiously-groovy new single. And while I have no idea if he plans to continue on this route for his next LP, it’s clear based on his previous works that whatever sonic endeavor he’s got planned next is something to get seriously excited for.


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